Boosie Responds to Lil Nas X’s Father

Cover picture for the articleBaton Rouge rap mainstay Boosie was called out by controversial artist Lil Nas X’s dad, who condemned the rapper for degrading women and promoting drugs and gun violence. Now, the Instagram bad guy has responded to Lil Nas...

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Kevin Woodall

We all have to repent for the choices we have or may make,but God clearly speaks of homosexual is a sin and where was the father to see that his son doesn't turn out like that, and dad you missed the mark because I raised two young man and it's up to us to direct our kid's in the way they should go, it's demons out there that prey on kids and I thank God that nobody never display that kind of disgusting predators around your kids,soul search yourself dad, what happened???, not in my house or my present or on my watch,start getting a twitch in your hips, we're going to get to the bottom of it,Bossie is not wrong in having them feelings, don't mean he hate him, my kids wasn't watching guns,hoes none of that, and definitely wouldn't be watching anything to do with homosexual, it's time for the talk, point blank

Queen Bee

Im so glad the Boise is speaking up unlike other rappers who are sitting back acting like this isnt happening. this lil boy is taking our children to hell ans a lot of Adults that think this mess is ok. if thats what you choose for yourself fine but dont expose other peoples children to that its not ok at all. stop normalizing this mess. truly we are living in our last days


Now this would be boo boo’s karma… if one of his sons is gay and won’t come out because his dad is straight up threatening somebody like him🤦🏽‍♀️What I’ve learned as a parent, what somebody else’s grown child is doing isn’t your business but if you protest too much, it may come knocking at YOUR door🤔He better watch out because that Karma can come back in a way that he’s not expecting or prepared for🤷🏽‍♀️


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