As trial approaches, judge may allow the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot to be called 'rioters' or 'looters' -- but 'victim' isn't allowed

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(CNN) — The men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in August 2020 can potentially be referred to at his trial as "rioters" or "looters," a Wisconsin judge said Monday while reiterating his long-held view that attorneys should not use the word "victim." Defense lawyers maintain the young man acted in...

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Michael Swigert

So how were they not asking for it .The last one, on camera, was on the verge of shooting Rittenhouse himself. And IF you are attacking somoene on the street like that, who is obviously armed, you ARE kind of asking for it.

Trump supporter!

There criminals. he acted in self defense had they not been rioting they would still be here. they got them selves shot. it's the cold hard truth! I'm sad for the loss of any life I don't wish harm to any one but the rioters were looting stealing burning down buildings and blowing up cop cars vandalism! list goes on and on. when they made there choice to riot they chose the consequences following there actions. it is what it is. there not victims they were criminals. the shooter was defending plain and simple .

Joey Collins

politicians got those men killed. citizens shouldn't have to be on our streets protecting lives and property. That's why we pay taxes, we are correct in thinking that the police would be out on our city streets protecting the citizens and their property. And when politicians order the police to stand down, citizens have the God given right to protect their lives and their property. And the politicians and police should be ashamed of their actions throughout that event. That boy stood up and tried to help this community and the government that failed that entire community now wants to charge him as a criminal. The same elected officials that tucked tail and gave that city up to the criminals while they were still taking those citizens taxes to pay for their lifestyles. Unfortunately those elected officials don't and never will understand that it was their JOBS And DUTY to protect that community.


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