A woman with 20 stab wounds died of suicide, an autopsy found. Her parents are unconvinced: ‘It makes no sense.’

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleEllen Greenberg died in the kitchen of her Philadelphia apartment on the afternoon of a snowstorm in January 2011. Schools had let out early on account of the weather, and the 27-year-old first-grade teacher had headed home to the two-bedroom unit she shared with her fiance, Sam Goldberg. Hours later, after...

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There you go again

"A knife had been plunged into her chest, (one of 20 stab wounds) discovered on her HEAD, NECK and TORSO"....PLEASE POST THE MEDICAL EXAMINER'S NAME! He has NO business having a license to examine ANYONE!

Glenn 336

wow, 20 times and it's suicide. sounds more like a crime of passion. which would make it a homicide. maybe number if homicides getting to high so suicide will be designated more.


I don't recall the name of the individual that shot himself in the " Back " of the head twice. That worked for President Clinton years ago. But the authorities called it suicide. Talk about being able to shot one's self twice in the back of the head took some serious doing. I wonder if this young lady knew the Clinton's??


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