Biden Government to Send $1400 Worth of 6 Child Tax Credit Instalments!

Cover picture for the articleThe good news to all Americans is that this week, a $1400 stimulus payment has been sent out by the US. government. More similar checks are been processed to be out soon e.g. the three smaller stimulus checks; according to reports, the latter stimulus check will be disbursed on Friday, October...

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Tangela Harris

What the heck is he doing don’t he know that the money do not go towards the children with some of these parents. What about the seniors Joe Biden there struggling too all you’re concerned about is tax child credit for these kids it’s not fair to the seniors that struggles every month with there bills and trying to get food into their mouths also just like everyone else but guess what Joe Biden the seniors continue to get left behind shame on you.

June Leen

Well the way I see this the More children you have the More MONEY you will get..Unemployment ,why should they not work with 300.00 given to them every wk.Now you have Seniors who can not work ,living PAY check to pay check could use some help ,what don't t you all understand.


I cannot and no honor for this CRIMINAL BIDEN EVER! He love to lies and love to destroy our country! Impeach this SOB OUT!


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