I got my Moderna COVID vaccine booster – my immune system is powerful

Cover picture for the articleYesterday, I got my Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. As with the first two shots, I felt nothing other than a bit of a sore arm....

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Phillip Miller

I’m 83, overweight, and have heart disease. I had COVID-19 and because I have natural immunity, I am 27 times safer than those who have received the experimental jab and the booster.

David Patton

Sounds like a propaganda news article. You can still catch, carry and spread the virus even though vaccinated and sometimes die. Thought I would toss that out to you.

Trump supporter 2020

It's OK cause all those people that got their vaccine will keep needing boosters for the rest of their life. So once they got the 3rd shot they'll be a 4 shot and a 5th shot and so on and so on. I'm nobody's jabbing dummy so thank God I never got vaccinated. And my immune system is just as strong as those who've gotten the booster shot if not stronger. And I've already had covic it was a bad cold.


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