This Cavaliers-76ers Trade Sends Ben Simmons To Cleveland

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Now a week into the 2021-22 NBA season, the Philadelphia 76ers have been playing without Ben Simmons and it appears as if they will be doing so for the foreseeable future. After holding out during the preseason due to wanting to be traded, Simmons originally had shown up to the team’s...

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Dennis gipson

we don't want Ben if y'all gone trade for anybody trade for Ben Franklin he Knows how to light it up!!!! (see what I did there) lol

kevin george
30d ago

Atlanta Trade for Ben Simmons. Move Tre too 2 guard. Much like Jordan and Kobe was. That'll keep him from having to orchestrate and score. Let Ben be the point guard to orchestrate the offense. He doesn't like the Big Shot. So Tre will get the game winning shot or decide to defer more times than not. Then you have a bigger guard to help play defense. They wilk be a instant contender.


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