Gabby Petito Case: Internet Sleuths Note Strange Observation About Road Trip Van
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With the tragic outcome of the Gabby Petito case, experts still have unanswered questions about the events that led to the woman’s demise. Attention is now turning to the white Ford Transit that Gabby and boyfriend Brian Laundrie traveled in during their road trip. And web sleuths are noticing something...

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Monica Jay

Didnt the parents ask their son where is your girl friend? Im sure they said where is ur friend. They know more n the sister too. Why did they got togather at where they were camping?

Mary Frances Parks

I'm trying to tell you all get your thinking caps on He did not drive that van all the way home by himself he had someone with him on the way back maybe someone flew out and helped him drive back and I will never Believe he is dead they have pulled the biggest wool over the FBI's eyes that's ever been pulled it's all a cover up

girl love ky

I still say his parents knows more than they're saying but will never know will we


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