‘Bringing Up Bates’: Michaela Shares Sad Update As Fans Ask If She’s Pregnant

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For years, Bringing Up Bates stars Michaela and Brandon Keilen have been hoping to grow their family. As they have navigated fertility struggles, the couple has been open with fans and talked about their journey on their family’s show. Recently, fans flooded Michaela’s comments section on Instagram with questions...

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Angel Girl
30d ago

They would've had a family by now if Brandon would get over his issues about adoption. Michaela wanted to adopt years ago but Brandon won't go for it. I guess he'd rather see his wife sad because they don't have the family she always dreamed of instead of putting his issues aside to make her happy. I know it's gotta be a knife to heart for her every time another sibling is expecting and she has yet to get pregnant even once, I don't think I'd have been able to handle that as well as she has.


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