Senator John Cornyn: It Will Take President Biden & Democrats To Lose Their Majorities To Realize How Unpopular Their Border Policies Are With Americans

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Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSenator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on the border surge. Cornyn said the surge is the worst he has ever seen because the Biden administration is actively...

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But Biden’s standing with Americans has plummeted, with his average approval rating plunging by nearly 15 points since late June . He's seen a drop among Democrats and even more with Republicans, but the decline has been particularly steep among independent voters . In the same time period, the president has scrambled to salvage his domestic initiatives amid infighting among Democrats over their size and sequencing. He has presided over a chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan and faced criticism for his response to the inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.But it’s the pandemic that looms over it all, making it all the more difficult for the White House to turn back the slide.

Mark Jolliffe

What's funny is that there is a lot of American people from every state that has loaded up and is heading down to Texas different parts of Texas to defend our border I'm just telling you get ready cause there's probably about 70 vehicles headed down that way now

cuppa coffee

in 10 short months this administration made me decide to never ever EVER vote for a democrat! not even at state level.


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