A Democrat just suggested voter fraud -- and no one called him on it


Cover picture for the article(CNN) — At a rally over the weekend, former Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe did something his party has repeatedly bashed Donald Trump and Republicans for doing: He suggested a past election had been unfairly decided because of ballot shenanigans. With 2018 Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams by his...

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Brandy Holt Williams

I cannot laugh enough at your comment. As a small business owner I can tell you 1st hand, my employees and I benefited while President Trump was in office. I was able to hire more employees, give raises and provide insurance with what we saved in taxes. The cost of living was much lower, fuel was affordable and we were not worried about where we could find necessities and groceries. Now we hemorrhage our tax money for illegal immigrants that are coming in by the thousands. Inflation is on the rise, farmers are being asked to destroy crops so we can use imported goods.. In the last year everything has everything has declined, and it has nothing to do with covid. Pelosi wants 200k for a park, they want to close down all fossil fuels and turn to green energy so they can destroy the earth for mining lithium. So exactly what did Orange do to hurt you so badly that you think the way this country is headed is a good thing? What is Biden doing to help Americans?

otis knotwrite

Joe Biden Wins with Historical Worlds Record-with more votes from Dead People than any other President..

Rodney Butts

Imagine That, Trump said there was Voter Fraud and he got blasted, now low and be told a Few Democrats said the same thing Just Wow


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