LeBron James defends Dwyane Wade’s son after he’s drafted by G-League

rolling out
rolling out
Dwyane Wade plays eldest son Zaire in a game of one-on-one. (Image source: Instagram – @dwyanewade)

LeBron James ordered the haters of Dwyane Wade and his son Zaire to fall back after the younger Wade was drafted by a G-League team last week.

D-Wade, a retired Miami Heat legend who now co-owns the Utah Jazz, may have been instrumental in the drafting of eldest son into the Jazz’s minor league squad, the Salt Lake City Stars, on Oct. 23, 2021. And folks have a serious problem with that.

Critics are irate because they don’t believe Zaire Wade possesses the requisite skill set to get into the minor league, much less the NBA.

King James, D-Wade’s best friend, roared for the haters to back up off his adopted nephew Zaire — especially when very little is said of the blatant nepotism that is practiced routinely among White coaching staffs and ownership.

LBJ posted the following congratulatory messages to D-Wade and Zaire Wade for his 100 million Instagram followers, while simultaneously rebuking the Wades’ haters.

James also re-posted a message that indicates how little uproar occurred when White coaches have hired their sons, as in the cases of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and son Britt as well as New England coach Bill Belichick and son Brian.

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