Brian Laundrie autopsy results bring even more questions about Gabby Petito's death


Cover picture for the articleOn Monday, an autopsy report ruled the cause of death of Brian Laundrie, the 23-year-old man cited as a “person of interest” in the homicide of his fiancée, Gabby Petito, as “inconclusive.” The autopsy ruling is the latest loose end in what feels like a tangle of loose ends in the...

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Am I the only one that remembers the "camping" trip that Brian and his parents went on when he disappeared and that only the parents came back. Really? Anybody? Somebody else has to remember that news article.


I remember the article you are talking about. Because the neighbors thought it was strange that his mom and dad and him were all getting ready to go camping. Brian had just got back from his camping trip with Gabby. Of course he came home without her. His parents know what happened to Gabby and they just have kept it a secret. I feel bad for Gabby's family not knowing what happened to her and why. His family never acting like nothing happened to Gabby. What kind of people are they. They have lots of money and I think they got him out of the country. I hope the police investigate this more and charge his parents for with holding information.😢

Mary Duska

iam telling all of you Brian is alive and his parents set the whole thing up and now he's gone and they know where he is so I think they should be talking to the police and the FBI AND COUGH UP WHAT REALLY HAPPEN OUT THEIR NOW FOR GABBY PARENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT WENT ON OUT THEIR NOW 😁😆😇🙃😉


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