Britney Spears Makes Ominous Warning To Family Even If Conservatorship Ends


Cover picture for the articleBritney Spears’ 13-year stint under her father’s legal control may be nearing an end, but her animosity toward her family appears to be heating up. In a stinging new Instagram message on Monday (see it in full below), the pop star blasted family members for “hurting me deeper than you’ll ever...

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Al Masters

You tell them Britney. You don't need family like that despite them being family who should be loved no matter what. Let them kiss your BoOtyliciOus derriere. I have a few family members like that and when this virus was at it's peak last year, I was at a low period in my life. Some turned their back on me when I was close to F' ing death. The others were helpful and supportive. During that dark time in my life plus the pandemic at it's highest, I learned the true colors of family and friends and now I am no longer available to those negative individuals.


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