District attorney hasn't ruled out criminal charges in fatal shooting on 'Rust' set

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(CNN) — A district attorney in New Mexico hasn't ruled out criminal charges in the death of Halyna Hutchins on the "Rust" movie set, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday, noting the shooting remains under active investigation. News of the potential for criminal charges was first reported on Tuesday by the...

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Timothy Unrine

Ultmately it is the person who fires the gun that is responsible for the death. What was grandma's rule - - never point a gun at someone? And then the rule ALWAYS consider a gun loaded (with real ammo), if on a stage set, you as the actor are responsible for making sure it is blank ammo - - but you still don't point it directly at someone - - do we have to revisit the Brandon Lee case of being killed by a 'blank" ammunition? Baldwin needs some jail time - his attitude needs adjustment, and being someone's girlfriend in prison might give him some humility.


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