QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should workers who don’t get the shot lose their jobs?

KMIZ ABC 17 News
KMIZ ABC 17 News

Many workers across the country are facing the same decision: Take the coronavirus vaccine or lose their jobs.

A group of workers at Columbia's 3M plant walked out Monday to protest their company's requirement to get vaccinated or be fired. 3M is following Biden administration rules as a federal contractor in requiring the shots.

But the protesting workers, including at least one who is vaccinated, say they shouldn't have to choose between a job and their medical freedom.

Should workers lose their jobs for not getting the coronavirus shot? Vote in the poll below.

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D Boone

Another question: Should employees that are coerced into taking the JAB by their employer be able to hold their employer financially accountable for illness or death as a result of the JAB?

George Susan

No!!! These so called VAX are still in the experimental stages, they were never approved by the FDA. It was another drug that was approved and it isn't being made yet. Big Pharma is lying about the approvals of these VAX, read the FDA's web site.

David Allen

Absolutely… I wouldn’t even hesitate to fire anyone that refused to get the vaccine. Especially with the overwhelming evidence of how safe and effective the vaccine is.


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