Democrats quietly scramble to include immigration provision in social spending bill

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleDemocrats are scrambling intensely behind-the-scenes to address immigration in the framework they are crafting to expand the nation’s social safety net, according to people with knowledge of the situation, even as President Biden and other party leaders have said little publicly about their strategy in recent weeks. The most...

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Lou Cummings

The only immigration funding the American People will pay. Is for the securing of Our Southern Border and ridding the Country of illegals. Let's go Brandon!

Maureen Curtin

why do you think they just allowed 1.7 million illegals to enter this country and are doing nothing to stop the invasion of our country by illegals. Biden stopped the construction of the wall on our Southern border but he's going away taxpayer and money to be used to put a wall around his personal home. you complained about Trump but Trump gave his salary to charity and he didn't use taxpayer money to protect his own personal property. the Democrats care nothing about America or Americans. all they care about is power and money. everybody believe the illegals will be there ticket to anything control so they can have more power and make more money for themselves

Carolyn Post

Send illegals back that’s the only taxpayers money should pay for. Close our borders and secure our borders and anyone coming illegally should be put on a none citizenship list. Because they have broken the law citizenship should be revoked for them and there families


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