Others May Receive a Fourth Federal Stimulus Check Worth $1,400; Here's Who Are Eligible and When They Can Get One!

Cover picture for the articleFor a variety of reasons, including the current fractious dynamic in Congress, the chances of approving financing for a fourth stimulus check along the lines of the previous three are almost zero. However, there appears to be a chance that cash may be provided for at least one category...

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Charles Crum

You are exactly right on fixed income people. I only get $599 A month! My rent is that much! I have nothing left to live on! Congress should be ashamed of how little they take care of us seniors! WE NEED HELP! NOT NEXT MONTH! THIS MONTH & LAST MONTH! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THIS! I EXPECT $2000 A MONTH RETROACTIVE! WE ARE STILL DYING OUT HERE CONGRESS! DO YOU EVEN CARE? YOU SHOULD BE PAYING FOR YOUR MANDATES ON US IMMEDIATELY!

Lolly brown

This subject angers me to no end, I unfortunately needed to go on disability and it is so difficult and impossible to be able to pay for the basic necessities and food stamps lol it’s enough for one week and when you inquire about how to get more food to eat the organization will direct you to some food pantry and then you see that it’s mostly rotten and meat in a can so basically it’s garbage, and people need to understand a lot of us worked and paid taxes and had our social security taken out and for what! I am 62 5 foot 4 inches tall and I weigh 100 pounds and body mass is 17% which is below the normal and I am considered malnourished, I can’t stomach another politician saying that this country has starving children, bull, but we do have elderly and disabled people that are, but to politicians we don’t matter, the United States does not take care of older and older and disabled people, and its a similar but not to the degree that Jewish people went through,because many people in thi

Lee Morgan

Will believe it when I see it. Multi-millionaires like Manchin and Pelosi don't feel we deserve it. Seniors do vote. They stripped dental, hearing and eyeglasses for seniors from the bill. Will be happy to strip them from their jobs, since turn around is fair play.


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