‘Love Life’ Cast and Creators Tease Season Two as “Completely Different Story From a Completely Different Perspective”

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter

Anna Kendrick , William Jackson Harper and more hit the red carpet at New York City’s DGA Theater for the world premiere of Love Life season two on Sunday.

The second season of HBO Max ’s anthology series switches its focus from Kendrick’s Darby Carter — who led season one — to Harper’s Marcus Watkins, who is forced to rebuild his life after his marriage unexpectedly implodes and leaves him hoping to find a love that will last.

“We really put our character through the wringer this year,” co-showrunner and executive producer Bridget Bedard told The Hollywood Reporter during the Tribeca Fall Preview event. “There’s some really good surprises, and it’s really fun [and] moving.”

EP Paul Feig described the romantic comedy series as an “emotional procedural” because viewers are following Marcus’ story as he’s going through his divorce and how it plays out in every corner of his life — not just on the romantic front.

“The whole season is about who are they going to end up with,” Feig said, “and you think you know, and then you root for who you want to see, and then you’re surprised by it.”

With the second season following a new lead character, co-showrunner and EP Rachelle Williams hopes that viewers will see that a romantic lead could be anyone.

“You don’t have to put your romantic lead in a box,” she told THR . “They don’t have to look a certain way … if the story’s there, you’re gonna connect with whoever the person is. I think that’s why Will [Jackson Harper] is so fantastic this season, that you just instantly lock in with him, and then hopefully people start to think outside the box in all love stories.”

On a larger scale, Harper said that he relates to how his character “operates in a lot of white spaces and trying to navigate what that is.” He explained, “There’s something about the taping down of certain impulses, so you don’t wig out and trying to cope … that’s something I understand.”

Though the storylines of the second season differ on the surface, Kendrick said there are still similarities in the mistakes her character made in season one in her 20s versus the ones Harper’s Marcus makes in his 30s.

“This main character is from such a different walk of life; it’s such a different lens, but it still has that inherent relatability,” Kendrick said. “There’s so many moments of the season that just make me go like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been exactly there,’ and you know that’s amazing when it’s a completely different story from a completely different perspective.”

Love Life also stars Jessica Williams, Saturday Night Live ‘s Punkie Johnson and Ego Nwodim, Chris “Comedian CP” Powell, Janet Hubert, John Earl Jelks and Arian Moayed.

Love Life premieres on HBO Max on Oct. 28.

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