'Jeopardy!' Star Matt Amodio Calls Out the Show for Jonathan Fisher's "Unfair Free Pass"

Cover picture for the articleFormer Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio has his eye on his successor Jonathan Fisher, and he recently called out a minor yet important thing that was changed just for the current titleholder. As folks may know, after the show's first commercial break, Jeopardy! contestants are usually asked to share a...

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I think Matt would crush Jonathan on a one on one game. The night he lost Matt didn’t even resemble his previous performances. He had a bad night and Jonathan had a good one. Bottom line ..... ya can’t hit a home run every time ya come to the plate. I think Holtzhower’s better than both of them.


Has anyone else noticed that since Jonathan Fisher has won, that the answers seem to be loaded in his favor. They almost all seem to have a theme of either acting, actors, Shakespeare or some other form of entertainment.

Erica Moenich

Alex Trebek would be extremely disappointed with how Jeopardy has been run since his passing! NOT a positive way to carry out his legacy at all! Between taking over a year to choose a new host to scrutinizing every particle of one’s being when trying them out for host, it has been disgraceful. The iconic show has turned down so many qualified and over qualified candidates for host it is unreal. I have doubts whether n my loyalty to the show at this point.


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