"Scared" Simone Biles Breaks Down In Tears During Interview

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710 WOR

She’s one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, and Simone Biles says she’s scared.

In an emotional interview on the "Today" show, Biles broke down in tears as she made a heartbreaking confession: “I’m still scared of gymnastics,” she said.

She says she can’t get over the dreaded “twisties,” a physiological condition that causes disorientation in the air — making it dangerous to attempt the high-flying spins she won gold medals for.

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Now she’s going to imply that anyone who criticized her olympic shenanigans caused her “fear”. Last chance to make money on a book somebody is writing for her. RETIRE with dignity or whatever is left of it. Gymnasts age super fast


I am from the old school that basically knows that all kinds of BAD SHIZ might happen to you AND everyone else in life. You must LEARN how to DEAL with any loss and MOVE ON FROM IT instead of purposefully wallowing in some beyond annoying self pity EVERYDAY for PAST EVENTS that you will never be ABLD to change at all. Stop using anything from your PAST as some weak crutch to try to excuse your actions of TODAY AND TOMORROW! You just keep on truckin' in life. There is no secret to happiness or a map that will find it for you. It is a fleeting emotion just like any other emotion. As young people grow up, they will become more and more depressed as to what adulting was always really about. SURVIVAL. Roof over your head. Food in your stomach. Bills paid. Most of life is TRULY banal...not exciting or adventurous or overly happy more often than not. Just envision everyone "doing their laundry." 😂

jeff gales

well then retire sweet heart and live with your decision . no one else can make it for you !!! you'll always be known as the best. until someone else comes along ?


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