Man Arrested Following Seizure of Over 100 Grams of Pot, Gun at Accident Scene in Glen Burnie

Report Annapolis
Report Annapolis

Anne Arundel County Police arrested a 25 year old man on drug and weapon charges following the seizure of a handgun and over 100 grams of marijuana while investigating an accident in Glen Burnie.

On October 22, 2021, officers responded to the area of Quarterfield Road and Old Stage Road for a traffic accident. During the investigation, officers smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the at-fault vehicle.

A search of the vehicle and recovered a loaded handgun, 100.94 grams of marijuana, a digital scale, and $771.00 in cash. The Maryland Gun Center advised the subject was prohibited from owning a handgun.

The driver of the vehicle was charged accordingly and identified as:

Juwan Eldridge


Bowie, Maryland

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Lilly Strong

The unfairness of it all. in some states legalized ( no jail time) in others it's not ( and if you're young and black) say goodbye til you get out of jail (wasted years,) by which time it will be leagalized: with white men owning the "business"

Bill's Mafia.
30d ago

I'm still waiting for his Mother to come on the news and tell us ALL that he was such a good boy. He never had any problems with the law, everyone that knew him absolutely loved and admired him. An amazing pillar of the community. SMFH

The Enigmatic Deen Truth

Anne Arundel stay taking out their Ops in the drug game...MD grosses over $1 Billion in Marijuana sales. 💀💀💀


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