Woodbury mother charged with beating daughter to death ruled incompetent

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The mother accused of beating her five-year-old daughter to death was ruled incompetent.

The criminal case against 32-year-old Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed will be "indeterminately suspended," according to an Oct. 21 Washington County court filing, until she is determined competent to proceed. The state indicated it will file a Petition for Civil Commitment.

The court ordered a review hearing for 9 a.m. on April 22, 2022, to "reevaluate [Mohamed's] competency to proceed."

Mohamed, of Woodbury, was charged with murder in connection with the death of her young daughter, who prosecutors say was rushed to a Twin Cities hospital on May 26 after her mother brutally assaulted her. The girl suffered a fractured skull, a brain bleed, a lacerated liver and broken ribs.

She died on June 16, after being taken off life support.

Prosecutors also charged Mohamed with assault, alleging she beat her 6-year-old son as well.

Here is a recap of the criminal charges filed against Mohamed.

Warning: Details from the criminal complaint are upsetting.

Witnesses called police in the early hours of May 26 after seeing Mohamed chasing her screaming 6-year-old son – who also suffered severe bruising and contusions – down Lake View Alcove, charges state. When police arrived they found the 5-year-old girl in grave condition.

A criminal complaint against Mohamed states that she has bipolar disorder and had been off her medication for a couple of months. She said she had been paranoid and hallucinating and "believed her kids were playing games on her, which made her confused."

"She said she wasn't sure if her kids were the devil or a demon which made her question if she should hurt them or not," the complaint says, with Mohamed saying she had been hospitalized in the past for mental health reasons.

Responders also found another child – aged 3 – inside Mohamed's home, who appeared to be unharmed.

One of Mohamed's neighbors told police the 6-year-old son had previously told them Mohamed hit him and his sister, the complaint says. Several other neighbors reported hearing a child outside screaming for several minutes shortly before police were called at 12:45 a.m., along with "what sounded like slaps or thumps."

When interviewed, the 6-year-old son told police his mom had kicked him out of the house, and prior to that had been hitting him and the older of his two sisters.

"They did not do anything and did not know why his mom was mad," the complaint states, with the boy saying his mom would use a foot-long gray cylinder to hit them, saying she kept it in her closet in the bedroom and had used it many times before.

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Thank you Feminists at Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities for this infestation. Good luck in your battle against the Superior White Christian Heterosexual Men.

Jenifer Markoe

The neighbors knew about and said nothing to the police? Teaching people to call the police can make a difference if a victim is in danger. When in doubt call it in. No child should be handled roughly like dragging the kid. If they are doing that in public what are they doing to the kid at home.


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