Yiiikes! #BlackInkCrew Star Sky Reportedly Got Into Mortifying Scuffle Outside Of Drake’s Birthday Party


What is happening here???

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Drake celebrated his 35th birthday over the weekend with a “Cocaine Cowboys” themed soiree that reportedly had its share of scuffles. According to an alleged witness from outside of the party, “Black Ink” star Sky Days seemingly got into a physical altercation with a woman on the street outside the venue.

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The clip uploaded to Twitter is captioned “not them beating up Sky outside Drake’s party.”

The video shows Sky being scooped off the concrete by an unknown man as a woman turns towards Sky and says, “I literally went behind her and she pushed me.” Sky, surprisingly was pretty quiet in response, dusting herself off and walking away. The majority of the video is inaudible thereafter, but it’s pretty CLEAR some kind of intense altercation went on right before Sky was helped up from the pavement.

Maybe Drake had the ladies really excited to get inside his party??? Supposedly, the men were too according to witnesses. The viral clip of Sky being scooped off the floor was later uploaded to The Neighborhood Talk blog where reality star Meghan James also shared her experience in the comments, saying,

“I almost got in to 3 fights, and one was with a n*gga who pushed me. Don’t f*ckin push me bc I push back. Period.”

Welp! In related news, Sky seems to still be sharing her big personality on TikTok despite being off of reality TV, for now.

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Ash D

She almost a whole grandmother! At some point in her life she's gotta grow up and stop fighting everyone, TV isn't the one who portrayed her this way, she did that herself.

Lin Bailey

I love when these "celebrities" forget about the real world. Picked herself up off the concrete...🤣🤣🤣 If you talk sh#t make sure you can back it up...

Stefanie Smith

She ought to be tired of fighting every where she go. At some point she have to start acting like an adult.


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