Youngkin on Biden: This is 'what a failed presidency looks like'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleVirginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told Fox News that President Biden has a "failed presidency" and that the "sun is setting" on the political career of his Democratic opponent, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Fox News Washington correspondent Mark Meredith asked Youngkin if he was worried that Biden...

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Italia 205

Biden is a very dangerous sick man in a wry powerful position. Nancy Pelosi should be held accountable for not impeaching him. He continues to ruin the nation. Harris is as incompetent as Biden. This entire administration is the enemy of America and nobody is doing anything to stop it. 🇺🇸👩🏻🇮🇹

Fred Flintstone

Biden is a career criminal in politics and has done nothing but make money for himself and his family. Now is asking Americans to pay for a wall around his house.. after he canceled a walk around America’s house. What a POS…!

Tim Bacon

And I hope the Democratic Party pays dearly for forcing this demented racist corrupted hair sniffing moron down our throats. Let’s go Brandon. F.J.B.


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