Rikers inmate steals keys, lets out 2nd detainee; Pair attack correction officer


NEW YORK — A pair of Rikers Island jail detainees attacked a correction officer after one inmate snatched cell door keys and let out a second inmate, officials said.

The correction officer was in a call removing garbage when the first inmate grabbed keys from the officer’s hand on Friday night. Officials said the detainee unlocked another inmate’s cell door.

Together, the inmates knocked the correction officer to the floor, officials said. They punched, kicked and dragged him. Both inmates were re-arrested and the officer was hospitalized for treatment to his injuries.

2 NYC correction officers suffer broken bones in altercation with Bloods gang member

“Assaults on the hardworking and dedicated members of our staff are never acceptable and we are investigating these incidents,” a Department of Correction spokesperson said. “The individuals involved have been re-arrested and we will assist the Bronx DA with prosecution. Assault is as much a crime in jail as it is on the streets and we are working every day to make our jails a safer and healthier environment.”

Benny Boscio, president of the union representing correction officers, attributed the attack to DOC Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi failure to staff Rikers at appropriate levels.

“Our staffing crisis is a result of the department’s failure to ensure there are optimal staffing levels to provide the highest levels of security,” Boscio said.

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I can just hear DiBlasio now......The reason this happened is because these inmates should have not been in jail in the first place, it's the guards fault.

Alex Sharieff

Who in their right mind would want to be a nyc correction officer or police officer at this day and time? Corrections will always be understaffed because nobody wants that job anymore!

Marie Gold

wow I would've been looking for an extra mattress sheets and grab so much snacks and beverages but that's just me😁😁


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