'9-1-1' Fans Rally Around Jennifer Love Hewitt After Seeing Her Emotional Instagram Update

Cover picture for the articleJennifer Love Hewitt is shutting out the noise and focusing on what’s important to her offscreen. At the end of the summer, the 9-1-1 actress and her husband, fellow actor Brian Hallisay, welcomed a son named Aidan James (the couple is also parents to a daughter named Autumn, 7, and son...

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Dale Jones

What is this headline trying to do? She had a problem like millions of people have. She's not a fragile cracked mirror. She's actually a strong woman that's undertaken many projects and had 3 children during the process. What's wrong with her taking the time to be with her baby while he's in the early stages of his life. I didn't complain about my wife taking time to be with our baby 37 years ago. She'll be back on the show, she's already been interviewed about it with her co Stars. Give her a break people...

Joyce Coleman

Why the hate? She has a right to do whatever she wants to do, when, and how she wants too. If you had more love for your fellow man, then her decision would not bother you. I have had a revelation this weekend from our creator, that I shouldn't judge people's actions, and especially when I don't walk in their shoes.

Judith Clarke

I love watching you. You are truly a great actress. Can't wait till you're back on the set. Life is short so take the time you need. 🥰


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