Unvaccinated people can expect COVID-19 infections every 16 months, study suggests

Cover picture for the articleNEW HAVEN, Conn. - Scholars at the Yale School of Public Health say we still don’t have enough empirical data to know how long natural immunity lasts after COVID-19 infections, but the results of their recent study appear to indicate it doesn’t last very long. The study, published on...

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PA Dude

My mother had covid 7 months ago. Had her antibodies tested and they are way higher than the average for vaccinated people. There is no reason for her to take the jab. Had her revels been low, sure. The one size fits all approach is breeding more and more distrust....I'm vaxxed, but the more I see the games that are played on the national stage...the more I wonder who is actually telling the truth.

Joshua Moore

Update: Those whom are vaccinated from the man made US funded virus can still get and spread the virus to others just the same. Sooooo... 🙄

Mary Sasta

this is getting more humorous every day..pretty soon they are going too run out of low blows towards us Proud UNVACCINATED NON MEMBERS OF THE CORONAVIRUS CULT


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