Wendy Williams Will Not Return To Her Talk Show Amid ‘Serious Complications’ From Graves’ Disease

Cover picture for the articleThe Wendy Williams Show is back—but without its host. Wendy Williams, 57, is “experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ disease and her thyroid condition,” per a statement posted to the show’s Instagram account on October 12. “It has been determined that more time is needed before she is...

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Good riddance!!! Could never figure why she was on tv to begin with. Bet that the ratings are down that's why she's leaving but hey whatever it takes!!! Bye Bye😁😁😁

Angela Denise

thats what happens when Karma come at you...the way she talk about ppl and down ppl is ridiculous...this is only the beginning

Carl Gabriel

I hope she recovers and her health improves but she was not doing herself or anyone any favors by making increasingly toxic comments about other people while her mental and physical health was in deep decline. She was not being the voice of a strong and independent woman as some like to present her . She was a woman who praised men like R Kelly and would make disparaging comments about other women and the occasional homophobic reference. Her views are dated and her show was just becoming a bitter gossip show. Of course in a hypocritical celebrity loving culture, the love of drama is above all other things but this time, her recovery should be first priority than to offer the daily trashy comments.


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