The Differences Between American and European Semi-Trucks

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You don’t have to be a trucker to see the glaring differences between American semi-trucks versus European semi-trucks. Each has a distinct shape and style that serve different driving purposes. And because of differences in regulations and roads, European trucks wouldn’t work in the states, and American trucks wouldn’t work in...

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Jerry B

Typical author who has no idea what they’re talking about. Said that in the US the larger the truck the more it can haul. Uh NO… the more truck and trailer you have the LESS you can haul because of the 80K gross. Obviously this doesn’t apply to oversized and specialized carriers. Finally, not all sleeper trucks are owner operators either. There are vast numbers of company owned sleeper trucks that are operated by a company solo driver or a team operation.

Lynn Coffey

Our trucks couldn't go around many of the curves in Europe without using both lanes. Couldn't get into spaces that European trucks do. European trucks wouldn't be cost effective in USA.

Jim Hoganson

Next time you do an article about truck drivers, try going out and getting your facts from actual truck drivers and trucking companies. This article is someone's attempt at a resume no doubt and they have no idea what a truck is capable of in the United States and probably not in Europe either.


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