Study Claims People Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Are Less Likely To Die Of Other Causes As Well

Cover picture for the articleAccording to a new study published by the CDC, people fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 vaccine are also less likely to die of other causes other than the virus as well!. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their official website on Friday, telling the population that receiving the...

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Fact Check: Most of the Comments say this study is FALSE.I don't get it really, whenever there is a study for the vaccine there is no fact checks at all, but if there is a study against it. They go all in trying to find inconsistencies with the study, then they all say (this study was not peer reviewed and there was problems with the sample population etc.) But literally there is never ever this much scrutiny against these things supporting the vaccine, even if they make outlandish claims like this. Soon it will be the Covid-19 can cure cancer, diabetes and stop American Obesity. This is non-sense.Its true if you say something enough times the population will belive it, and thus I wait for all the pro-vaccine people to tell me to die for not wanting the vaccine, because they have been programmed to think the way they do.

Kfa Nonya

Right.... tell that to my best friend who's husband passed away fully vaccinated... even better... Tell that to Colin Powell's widow....

ramblin Man

better start looking at some real news because other countries are pulling that experimental drug off the shelf due to all the people having heart problems and dying from it but you're not going to hear that from the mainstream communist controlled media in this country. they're going to continue to just report the propaganda that their communist leaders tell them


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