Arch Manning committing to Clemson hinges on Dabo Swinney firing one of his coaches


Cover picture for the articleAs Arch Manning’s high-profile recruitment towards 2023 intensifies, the Clemson football program has no choice but to fire offensive coordinator Tony Elliott if the Tigers want any hope of getting the five-star quarterback. If the Clemson football program wants to land Arch Manning, they have to let go of...

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pretty balsy for a high school player to get a man, presumably with a family to support fired from his job. Shocking that any University would fire a coach for this reason. All D1 and D2 coaches should agree NOT to go after this entitled kid. Let him play for a D3 school to get him grounded.

Marty Heatherly

Why didn't the Article say why he won't play at Clemson unless they fire A Offensive coach Dabo Swinney shouldn't even consider firing a Coach just to get one player just because he's a Manning

David Cloud

Manning manning manning is that the only quarterback coming out in 2023 he might be good but he also lost couple weeks ago plus his grandfather and uncles never won a college championship it takes a team to win we have the brother of travis estienne right here in jennings and I bet with a little practice he could be a dam good quarterback he's a tailback but he plays quarterback because the quarterback got hurt can throw,run,kick 50 yards,and play linebacker I'll take him over manning any day


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