LSU fans want to hire current SEC head coach during blowout loss to Ole Miss

Cover picture for the articleOnce Ole Miss poured it on for a 31-7 lead against LSU on Saturday, LSU fans began to salivate over hiring Lane Kiffin to replace Ed Orgeron after the season. Ole Miss got off to a slow start, and didn’t score its first touchdown until 3:12 left in the first half....

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pretty brown eyes

Lsu fans are obsessed, with winning. This is a young team. It won't happen over night. Who ever choose ,to be the coach, they better think this through. LSU will get rid of them in a heartbeat. I hope O gets chance to coach ,another team. I pray he'll be like Nick Saben and have success elsewhere. This is a young team .They lost a lot of good players but of course, they don't want to hear that.

Stephen Lindley

LSU better keep coach O…..he is a good recruiter…..he can rebuild that program in time…you guys are going to get worse then waste a whole season with them….


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