10 reasons why Astros fans should want Atlanta, not Dodgers, in World Series

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The Astros are going to their third World Series in five years after handing the Boston Red Sox a third straight Assing last night in Game Six of the ALCS.

As a result of last night’s win, the 'stros get to sit back and watch Atlanta and Los Angeles conclude the NLCS this weekend.

Here are 10 reasons I would like to see the Braves beat LA and send the Dodgers packing.

1. Home Field. You have it over ATL, you don’t vs LA.

2. I really don’t want to read or hear anymore Dodgers whining especially the unbearable Bill Plaschke clout-chasing, city bashing, fake, extreme BS.

3. The annoying Dodgers players not being able to hold up their end of the deal would be entertaining. I understand their beef with the Astros, but it would be amusing for them to not even get their chance at the Stros post-cheating.

4. Martin Maldonado and a pitcher hitting potentially four times instead of three. The Dodgers would have home field advantage, which means more possibilities of a pitcher and Maldy, who hits worse than a pitcher, having to bat.

5. The old school NL Astros-Braves rivalry revived and the irony of the Stros looking to avoid being the Braves, winning just one ship in the Golden Era.

6. The ATL playoff environment and ATL could use some good news and deserve to have a World Series. LA doesn’t need anymore glory and wouldn’t appreciate it.

7. Charlie Morton and Freddie Freeman. I genuinely like those guys. Outside of Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw the overwhelming majority of the Dodgers roster has a turdish, unlikable vibe.

8. The fake celebrity fans supporting the Dodgers. Nothing worse.

9. Dodger Stadium kinda sucks. I know that Stadium has been good to the Astros and it’s pretty much their house, but the ballpark is just doesn’t look as good on the TV as other ballparks. Has a real softball or Little League World Series vibe.

10. If I’m being honest, I think the Dodgers are better than the Braves, even with all their injuries. Factor in home field and then chip they’d have on their shoulder facing the Stros and I’d rather see ATL.

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