No Shiba Inu For Robinhood, CEO Discloses, As Over 1,000,000 People Sign Up For Crypto Wallet

Cover picture for the articleThe CEO of one of the US biggest exchange and trading platforms, Robinhood, has disclosed that the company now has over 1 million people waiting on the release of its native digital wallet. Vlad Tenev made this disclosure on Thursday to CNBC at its Disruptor 50 summit, where he...

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Daniel Porter

This story is 100% misleading... The quote was "No decision had been made".. Also SHIB has been listed on Etoro for some time now.. Its obvious the author has no clue what's going on in the crypto world.

Brett Lopez

I watched the interview. he said, that there are no decisions. period. the author needs to state so. and not use fun click bait. hate that


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