Flex Wheeler Gives Update on Covid-19 Battle: “Lungs Are Showing More Covid Damage”
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Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler’s battle with a severe Covid-19 infection continues. The 56-year-old is currently being treated in a Florida hospital and has kept everyone updated with his condition through social media. A recent social media video posted on Flex Wheeler’s Instagram account shows the retired bodybuilder struggling with...

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Dan Dan

I’ve been where you are right now!!! Many prayers coming your way. Also take oregano oil capsules. They come in a capsule like vitamin E. Made a huge difference for me. Really helped clear up my lungs. ✝️

Jacqueline Small

I pray everything gets better for you I was in the hospital last year July with the same thing I thank God I was able to pull through and I pray the same for you when you have covid you have to try sitting up don't lay on your back lay on your side or your stomach my doctors told me if I couldn't get my oxygen levels up they were going to put me on a ventilator I sat up and I I'm laying on my stomach or my side after doing that daily and trying to walk a little with my oxygen tank things turned for better I pray you get better in Jesus name amen

Meta Foster

Oh no don't give up fight this monster I to had Covid my husband and our daughter me and my husband was very ill with it but we made it with the grace of God and many prayers and the professional care from the medical staff 🙏🏾. So please don't give up I don't know you but I pray that you recover from this 🙏🏾 ❤


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