Willie Taylor’s Wife Accuses Him Of ‘Leaving Her Aimlessly With 4 Kids’ And He Responds

Source: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

Shanda Denyce, who is married to Willie Taylor of Day 26, revealed on social media that Taylor decided to take a break from his family. In a recent post, that she changed the caption to later, she shared that the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star “left her aimlessly” with their four children. In his absence though, she said she has never felt better.

“Gonna be completely honest I’ve never felt so good from the inside out,” the post read. “The sad part is people don’t like to see it cause they are used to u being unhappy. It scares them so they put you thru turmoil to break you and keep you broken. Yes the tagged. You can’t hold me down if u tried. Left me aimlessly with 4 kids cause u needed a break. Guess what they saddled on my back girlfriend.”

Taylor saw that his wife aired him out on the internet and decided to go to Instagram Live to share his side of the story. He didn’t deny the claims his wife made and revealed that he did indeed go to Sedona, Arizona, to clear his mind.

“I love my family,” he said. “Sometimes you need a break. This break is for me. I don’t want to lose myself, so I came up to Sedona to mentally grab my peace. Everybody is taken care of. She hit me for money and the money was sent. The kids are good. But I will not go back to a toxic situation. Thank you all. There you have it.”

He added, “So, I didn’t want to die, guys. I didn’t want to die, so I came to get some peace.”

Denyce responded saying that Taylor’s way of getting a break from his family is weird.

“I need a break but I’m not asking for one,” she said on Instagram Live. “I’m not asking for a break from my kids. My break is like, literally me going for a car ride or me going to the gym everyday. That’s my break. I’m not asking for a mental shutdown from my reality. That s*** is weird…Or going grocery shopping. Those are normal ways to get a break from your family…besides that I am not leaving my kids for more than two days because I don’t want to.”

They have been married for 13 years.

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whew!!! ppl need to grow up. WHEN U R OR BECOME A PARENT... there r no breaks... u on call 24/7. u had ur breaks prior to having a child. yes! u get tired, burnt-out, frustrated etc... it's called parenting...


She needs to face the music. It seems he needs a break from her. And her putting everything on social media shows the type of person may be. People cannot make people stay with them regardless of the situation. I think she may have put the nail in her coffin. I just hope if he decides to permanently leave, they will be able to successfully co parent.

Genia Loveyou Hudson

same shit💩 different toilet paper.... people will do only what you allow them to do to you.. this has been going on for years especially the cheating part... people have to realize you can't force nobody to stay with you.. you become your worst enemy when you allow people to take advantage of you


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