Court Declares Bow Wow IS The Father Of 1-Year-Old Stone Kamin


After a messy back-and-forth over a child’s paternity, the courts have declared that Bow Wow is indeed the father.
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Bow Wow wasn’t always opposed to having another child. In September 2020, it was the rapper himself who suggested that he was a father for the second time, and it was later revealed that the mother of the child was a model named Olivia Sky.

The pair kept their co-parenting private and not long after, Bow was even sharing photos of his little boy. However, Olivia would soon complain on her Instagram Story about neglectful parents, which had many fans assume she was speaking about Bow Wow.

Last month, Bow took part in a Twitter Q&A session with fans, where he suggested that Stone was not his son.

When one fan asked how he stays motivated, the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star replied simply, “Shai.”

Another fan went on to ask, “do you want more children?” which also prompted Bow Wow to respond with answers specifically about his daughter.

“Hell no, I’m fine with Shai,” he responded. And when one fan asked, “Don’t you have a son?” the father responded with, “[Now playing] Billie Jean for the 2nd time.”

Unfortunately for Bow, it looks like he was wrong, according to a screenshot of the court documents shared by The Neighborhood Talk this week, showing that it has been proven that he IS Stone’s father.

“It is the Judgment of this Court that the Child of the parties, STONE KAMIN (“Child”) born in 2020 is hereby declared to be the legitimate son of Respondent, Shad Moss, capable of inheriting from Respondent in the same manner as if born in lawful wedlock,” the document reportedly reads. “The Child shall hereafter be known as STONE MOSS and the Department of Vital Statistics shall show the Child’s birth certificate to include Respondent as father.”

The documents go on to say that the actor will get to see the child every weekend, per their new custody agreement.

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donny hamilton

The lack of real men playing fathers to their kids and placing kids around men who support making kids out wedlock with different women has placed bow wow in their wrath. Women have been using bow wow since day one

Brian Hamilton

At least it wasn't on the Maurry Polvich show " And You Are the Father " but would've been nice to see on Steve Wilco but definitely on the Jerry Springer Show 🤓

Joann Jackson

BOW you got this your going to be a good father again you are not a dead beat baby daddy just know she taking you for child support all she's seen now is🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


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