Reason behind the indefinite suspension of Brock Lesnar possibly revealed – Reports

Cover picture for the articleThe season premiere of Friday Night SmackDown saw Roman Reigns open the show with his special counsel Paul Heyman and celebrate his victory against the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2021. But the Universal Champion also wanted to see if Lesnar could live up to his word....

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paulie B

it was just a write off for a one show contract. they usually use an injury for a write off but people are wise to w.w.e. using people once a year to try to boost ratings. they never intended to keep lesnar on the roster.

Joshua Flora

Because that was Brocks championship and he should’ve won, Roman reigns is garbage ever since he’s become the champion he has not won a match one on one by himself he has always had help!!!


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