Alarm Over Queen Elizabeth’s Health Reveals a Harsh Royal Truth

Daily Beast

Cover picture for the articleNow that it has been revealed—24 hours after the event—that Queen Elizabeth II has spent a night in hospital and was not, as the palace press corps were informed, “resting” at Windsor Castle, there are complaints that, once again, the messaging is bad and making the situation worse. For...

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Valerie Aylward

I hope she is recovering what ails her. She looks pretty in green too! It's amazing. she seems to look pretty in every color!🍀🌺😘

Izreal Zeus

The British royals the Windsors are owners of BP and BBC. They are owners of the Bank of England along with their Montagu nobles. They created and own Yale and Harvard. Their nobles the Sutherlands created HSBC. Their nobles the Campbells and Middletons own the private bank Coutts. Their noble relatives the Spencers control Serco. The Windsors are estimated to be worth 80 billion in wealth, stocks, gold, art, property, and name brand. They are likely worth around a trillion in offshore accounts and covert corporate shares. The monarch is as stated under current british law the commander in chief of the British armed forces and can declare war. The monarch is the blood appointed head of state and opens and closes parliament and can veto bills. Also Prince Edward the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England and Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons. The Windsors have extensive connections with the Nazis.

Nancy Nma

She needs to hold on so she can pass over Charles. Charles should never be the leader of the country


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