Biden builds taxpayer-funded fence around Delaware beach house, kills border project: Hannity

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleIn his Opening Monologue on Friday, Sean Hannity ripped President Joe Biden for what he characterized as hypocrisy after reports surfaced that the Delaware Democrat will have a fence built around his summer home in Rehoboth Beach at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. Hannity went on to criticize...

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Blaine Yaeger

amazing how the democrats say how bad walls and fences are at our borders, but yet they surround themselves with them any chance they can FRAUDS

one eye

The criminal Biden is making the people pay for his own private fence around his place. Do people realize this is added to the national deficit (debt) . For those who fail to believe you will see this man is as much a criminal as his son. Who he taught to be a criminal

Helen Hutson

That’s why everything is going up Biden not building it we are . We the people have to pay for it why does he need a fence no one cares about him anyway worst president ever


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