Police Installed Hidden Cameras Around the Laundrie Family Home After Brian Went Missing
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Just a little over 24 hours after the FBI confirmed the remains found in the Carlton Reserve were identified as Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, it has been revealed that authorities actually installed surveillance around the Laundrie family home. In a new Twitter post, News National Now correspondent...

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Pitbull Romans 5:8

The Laundrie family has done a lot to make one question their actions. A major question I have is: why did they move the mustang from where Brian supposedly left it? They knew he left his wallet and phone at home, so how did they think he would get home after his "hike" with no car, no phone and no wallet?

Misty Joy

He came home, told his parents what happened. They took one last family trip camping and then he took himself to the swamp to commit suicide. Very selfish of his parents since Gabbys parents never even got to say Goodbye to their daughter.

Roger DeLosh

Calling him her boyfriend is very misleading. Anyone who wraps there hands around your neck and squeezes, watching you die is no friend.


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