Companies sue Minneapolis, Hennepin County over homeless encampment

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MINNEAPOLIS — A northeast Minneapolis company says people living in a nearby homeless encampment are posing a safety risk to their employees and causing them to lose money. Now, they're suing the city and Hennepin County for $50,000 in damages. Triangle Warehouse, Inc. and Benchmark Logistics, LLC together are...

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April Anderson

This is going to turn into Seattle if Minneapolis residents don’t make a stand. See how they are? They harass people! They are aggressive, rude, expect handouts and that guy bringing them free food twice a day is enabling them to stay. JFC!!! There’s like a million programs out there for these people they just don’t want to do the work that’s required for permanent housing. This is a chosen lifestyle! There’s so many places you can get hot meals in Minneapolis throughout the day. For this man to basically bring them breakfast in bed is doing nothing for them but enabling them to do less for themselves. His intentions are good but come on bro!!!! Do something that makes them do something for themselves. Show them the way since you used to be homeless. Show them the ropes!! I hope they win this lawsuit and then some! I also think the spokesperson who commented on this is a *^<#%*+\_%#*** !!!!

Samsng Device

I agree with this lawsuit. in any other county, if some one simply "moves onto your property" and occupies your land or dwelling, one call to police will have them removed or arrested. In Minneapolis


Democrats run Minneapolis which has the highest homeless rate in the state and has my entire life why haven't they helped the homeless situation for decades now they let it continue


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