Candace Owens Suggests Alec Baldwin Shooting Is "Poetic Justice" For Opposing Trump

Cover picture for the articleA frightening scene occurred on the set of a Hollywood film and the industry continues to talk about the implications. We previously reported on the tragic news that 68-year-old veteran actor Alec Baldwin killed one person and injured another after firing a prop gun. While filming Rust in New Mexico, Halyna...

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Cathy Craig

I can't believe that woman Candace Owens said that about Alec Baldwin so soon after the horrific accident. My prayers are with the family of Halyna Hutchins. My prayers are also with Alec Baldwin and his family. I am a Trump supporter but this has nothing to do with trump.


movie sets have someone assigned to keep control of weapons it's there job to make sure that weapons have just blanks, there should not be any real live bullets anywhere on the set. Actors are giving the weapon for the scene, when scene completion remove the weapon and take control of the weapon till needed again for the movie, actors are actors they perform scenes that's all they do, checking a weapon not there job,, I repeat not there

Keith Little

I am not an Alec Baldwin fan. I am a Trump supporter, however if Candace Owens did say this, she needs to apologize. This is NOT the time or place!


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