Psaki says Biden approval ratings low because people 'tired of fighting' the pandemic he vowed to shut down

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden's approval ratings are so low because people are "tired of fighting" the coronavirus pandemic, which Biden promised to "shut down" during the 2020 campaign. A reporter asked Psaki during the White House's Friday press conference why the president's approval ratings...

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America is tired of being lied too, were sick of the American destroying policies, the mandates, open borders, sooooo........ in short 🤬 joe biden


she had the nerve to say the border crisis was Trumps fault. Trump had the most secure borders in US history along comes Biden he opens the border and waves them in now the highest number of illegals crossing the border in US history. this is 100% Bidens fault and the fake news needs to start doing their job an call out Democrats lies


No one ever asks me what I think about this Administration so I shall volunteer it instead.1. Biden quickly used executive orders to stop everything Trump did in first week of office2. Gas has increased exponentially since he came into office.3. 13 Marines died because of the debolical exit from Afghanistan.4. Biden actually told Americans that we don't know what being American actually means.4. We the PEOPLE have been told to lower our expectations when it comes to lack of food on the shelves of stores, mean while we have how many barges sitting off our shores.5. Mandated shots, that hey are not stopping the spread of Covid.That is just a few of his rambling nonsense that he has tried to spoon feed the PEOPLE. If anyone normal American performed this poorly we would be fired.


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