John Boyega Shock: Star Wars Actor Gets Recast After Abandoning $25 Million Netflix Project

Cover picture for the articleJohn Boyega reportedly left everyone hanging during the production of his supposed Netflix film. Star Wars actor John Boyega is already no stranger to controversy and over the past year alone, the British-Nigerian actor was the subject of several news headlines following his much-talked-about battle with Disney and Lucasfilm over their...

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Melody Walker

I have NEVER been impressed with Boyega, at all, and for the life of me, I cannot understand how he got the Star Wars part in the first place. Surely, the Casting Director was just desperate. His walking out might just be a Godsend because he is NOT even close to being a good actor, let alone, being diva enough to walk out on a $25M project.

Steven Cody

I only know him from SW. I'm not sure he's made his bones enough to treat production and distribution companies this way lol. Today you walkout on a $25M project. Tomorrow an industry worth over $100B walks out on you. I have no problem with actors standing up for what they believe in, Lord knows Joaquin Phoenix is a basket case but I'll go to all of his movies because he can act and I don't let politics or social differences dictate my entertainment. I'm more concerned that this guy will ruin his career before it really takes off.


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