The Covid Vaccine is Not the Only Shot That May Prevent a Severe Case of Covid-19

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This is the time of year to enjoy pumpkin spiced lattes, hayrides, and apple picking, but it’s also when we should all think about our immunity. Covid-19 and the flu may both pick up speed as the weather gets colder and we move indoors. However, there’s something you can do to...

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Jeffrey Chambers

I usually take a flu shot every year but this year I declined it because something sinister is going on with the medical community. I've seen Walgreens " accidentally" inoculate entire families with the vaccines when they ordered flu shots.

Lynn Peckham

It's amazing that it's been since 2019 this has been out yet this seems to be the ONLY means of curtailing the virus. By now, usually they would have more options but NOOO they keep pushing the narrative on THE VACCINE!!! The one that people have to keep getting because it is not working!!


Are you referring to inexpensive Ivermectin that won the 2015 Nobel prize for amazing antiviral properties? The med South America, India, and Finland use with incredible success on their citizens with acute C19 illness?


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