61-Year-Old Groom And His 18-Year-Old Bride Defend Their Marriage: ‘You Little Girls Are Jealous’

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A 61-year-old man and his 18-year-old bride have been the talk of the town since news of their marriage went viral. Michael Haugabook tied the knot with his now-wife Deja Haugabook in September and it has caused outrage because not only is she much younger than him, but he allegedly also dated her mother. Haugabook has been present during her whole life and is also her godfather.

When the newlyweds saw all the backlash coming their way, they clapped back via social media. Haugabook responded in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post and accused critics of being jealous.

“It seem like I’m the only n***a in this town [to] have married a young woman, but since it’s me they got to have something to talk about,” he wrote. “Look like you little girls are jealous of my wife, but keep on promoting us. I love it.”

The new Mrs. Haugabook also had some choice words for those who don’t agree with her marriage.

“People love to call me a child because I’m 18,” she wrote on Facebook. “First of all, I’m grown asf. I take care of all my four kids, work full time, have cars paid in full and stay home with my man.”

In another post she wrote, “I don’t gaf about how nobody feel. This my life and me and my husband gone live it to the fullest.”

The internet has even called for child services to intervene and investigate because the bride is being victimized.

“Deja Haugabook is owed sympathy,” one person tweeted. “She should be spared the horrible comments bc she is a victim, even if she doesn’t know. I hate that people are dragging her instead of having empathy. I hope that @MyFLFamilies will investigate what looks like molestation by Michael Haugabook.”

His age has been difficult to confirm as well. There are many social posts that claim he’s in his forties as well as 61-years-old.

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Rosemarie Carreras

HelloFirst of all no one is jealous. He dated your mom First and has know you all of his life.How did this happen and where was your mom when all of this was going on.You were a minor when this happened right? It is 43 whole years different in your ages.You have your whole life ahead of you.If nothing else think of your mom and now he is with you. This is tragic on so many levels and disrespectful on top of that.SMH.

Lida Kelley

I'm sure no normal young woman her age is jealous of her life. She has 4 kids and a husband old enough to be her grandfather. To make matters worse she married her mother's left overs. He may end up having a heart attack trying to sexually satisfy a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.

Adore Ivette

godfather is looked upon as a parent. so how long has he been looking at her as a prospect and when did he make his move. on top of that, he dated her mom since she little. she speaks like a hood booger little girl. as her older husband he needs to make sure she continues her education. it shows she needs it. I hate so say it won't last long and she's going to realize hopefully her mistake in this and how she was groomed by him. much prayers to her.


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