How Camilla Parker Bowles Felt After Princess Diana's Tell-All Interview

Cover picture for the articlePrincess Diana's November 1995 interview with Martin Bashir for BBC1 Panorama "changed the course of royal history," as ITV News put it. More than 23 million people around the world tuned in to watch Lady Di spill the beans about the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles amid his involvement...

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Patricia Salustiano

I just have a very difficult time associating Cowmila lack of respect and zero morals. Only someone with a tumultuous life adding no empathy nor caring how it impacted people. In my book she will always be “the mistress”.

Nancy Nma

Camilla is nowhere near princess Diana‘s class, intelligence, and beauty. Stop comparing these women, stop allowing Camilla to continue to tarnish princess Diana. Camilla is a pathetic excuse for a human being

Maria Elena Bello Perez

Personally, I don't give a flying fig how the Rottweiler felt. If it hadn't been for Parker-Bowles, I think Diana & Charles would have worked things out, specially if they had had a 3rd child, a little girl. Charles seemed to have wanted a girl. I'm of the opinion that had it not been for the divorce, Diana would be alive today. As part of the divorce, she lost "protection". Having no protection, led to her death, I can't understand why Will & Harry have a relationship with that homewrecker.


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