Why Democrats should prepare for years of headaches

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleIf it becomes law, the Build Back Better bill will be a triumph, affecting millions of Americans’ lives in profoundly beneficial ways. It will also be a complete mess. And as Democrats craft compromises to arrive at a final version that they can all agree to, it’s getting more and more...

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Chuck Vire

Picture of the most two hated men right now in America 🇺🇸. When both are tried for TREASON and fate decided by the PEOPLE…. See what type of smile’s they have than? They both are guilty and all the cabinet members in there administration. The far left will be fleeing the country after this is finished ✅.


Democrats? I thought they like what Joe is doing. Raising fuel costs so high everyone needs an electric vehicle. Meat so high we all need to eat more vegetables. Homes so desirable there are bidding wars at inflated prices. He's giving us on SSI headaches. $10 for milk and bread?


Here's all you need to know! The only people that aren't going to suffer from ENORMOUS inflation from this are the elites and if you think I flatiron is bad now then hold on to your savings because INFLATION will go up a TON when and if they pass this bill! How in the world do they in tend to take care of the bottom half when INFLATION is over the roof and gas is$7.00 a gallon! People don't realize that these programs that supposedly are going to help the poor are going to make them poorer because they can't afford gas or groceries!


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