Another poll shows Ron DeSantis ahead in 2024 GOP field … if Donald Trump doesn’t run

Cover picture for the articleWith Trump, The numbers are different. If former President Donald Trump doesn’t run again in 2024, Gov. Ron DeSantis is the favorite. That’s one read of a poll dropped Friday. That 24% puts DeSantis ahead of Donald Trump Jr., who was preferred by 18% of those polled. Former Vice...

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Rickey McClung

ronnie isn't going to win in Florida. RON BE GONE FOR EVER AND NEVER WILL BE PRESIDENT

No party affiliate

DeathSantis has done so much to be in the spotlight. Free advertising of himself. He's become another mini Trump, bullying, picking fights with every government official voted to serve their people. Picking fights with the FBI, and even Biden, Cruise Lines. Never a dull moment in the news. He's learned how to get his name in the news without wasting campaign money. People think he's protecting their rights, but actually he's making himself relevant. Does he care about you or me? Not really. He's just another Trumplican guy making a name for himself showing Trump that he's better than him as a politician.


The USA needs more governors and presidents like DeSantis! He will definitely win Florida 2022 and I will support him if he wants to run for president but i rather have him as governor of Florida... we need him!


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